Ever craving a sandwich but nothing sounds just right? At Darien Butcher Shop, we guarantee that our gourmet sandwiches in Darien will satisfy those cravings! Our butcher shop, located in Darien, CT, only provides the highest-quality meats. Each one of our sandwiches has been specially prepared and curated to offer the best-tasting sandwiches with the finest ingredients in-house.

Everyone has different tastes, especially when it comes to what’s on their sandwich. That’s why we offer a variety of sandwiches with different toppings and different meats so you can find the one that is most appetizing to you. Are you craving beef? Our French beef, American, and hot Italian beef sandwich will be calling out to you!

Speciality Sandwiches

Our French beef sandwich includes house-made roast beef, shaved iceberg, tomato, and tarragon mayo inside a Ciabatta. Want more meat with your beef? Our American comes with house-made roast beef, roasted turkey, ham, lettuce, tomato, mustard, and mayo on a Ciabatta. Feeling something more spicy and warm with beef? The hot Italian beef includes house-made roast beef, fresh mozzarella, spicy peppers, and Italian vinaigrette on a warmed-up Ciabatta.

Want to stick with chicken? No problem! Our chicken salad, parmesan chicken cutlet, garden chicken cutlet, and grilled chicken sandwiches have lots to offer. If you’re looking for a lighter sandwich, our chicken salad includes homemade basil chicken salad, mashed avocado, arugula, and tomato inside a baguette. Want something that’s more filling? Our grilled chicken sandwich comes with freshly made grilled chicken, roasted red peppers, provolone, parmesan, and pesto sauce in a Ciabatta.

Those aren’t even all the sandwiches we offer. We provide tons of gourmet sandwiches in Darien that include all types of toppings, bread, and meats to ensure that everyone can find something. Perhaps you’re not even looking for a sandwich, but everyone else in the family is. We have three exceptional salads that would be great for a lighter meal! That way everyone in the family can find something to eat.

Quality Over Quantity

At Darien Butcher Shop, we pride ourselves in having in-house meats and utilizing the highest-quality ingredients to ensure that every bite is amazing. We guarantee that everyone will be satisfied and full by the time they walk out the door.

If you ever want to customize any of our products, don’t hesitate to do so! Don’t like tomatoes? We’ll gladly take them off to make sure you get exactly what you want! So, if you’re ever looking for gourmet sandwiches in Darien, stop by Darien Butcher Shop and try all that we have to offer.

You can view all the sandwiches we have on our website, and if you have any questions, call us at (203) 202-9664. In fact, you don’t even have to come into the shop to order something to eat; you can place all you need online here and pick up your order when it’s convenient for you! We can’t wait to have you try our gourmet sandwiches!

We all know you go to the butcher for one reason and one reason only. You want the best, most prime quality meats you can get. You would never settle for any subpar meat and why should you? You deserve the best and at the Darien Butcher Shop they make sure to get it for you. They are proud to serve Lower Fairfield County as a premier neighborhood-style destination for the highest quality meats and they would love to serve you too. Their gourmet specialty products such as their high quality filets, sandwiches, and pantry items are sure to satisfy you and remind you why the Darien Butcher Shop is the only real choice for high quality foods you can always order and enjoy.

They are more than proud to offer a wide selection of meats to our customers that guarantee the best quality and will live up to all of your expectations. You can see all of these meats on display by visiting darienbutchershop.com and heading to their gallery tab. Here you can see some of their best high quality filets and more alongside their happy customers and larger orders. You can also see some photos of the meat being prepared and or cooked in order for you to be sure that their meats are properly prepared and presented in an acceptable way. They are more than happy to always show off their best work in order for all of their customers to be sure of what they have to offer and what they can provide them. If what their gallery showcases interests you, make sure to visit darienbutchershop.com and place an order today! 

The Darien Butcher Shop also hosts in-store events, corporate catering, butcher classes, artisan pantry products, and much more. They are much more than just a butcher and they would love the opportunity to prove this to you. They are located at 13 Grove Street Darien, CT and their phone number is (203) 202-9664, feel free to contact them at any time, as they would love to hear from you. Make sure to follow them on Facebook at @DarienButcherShop in order to make sure you never miss an update. 

If you are looking for prime quality meats and high quality filets you’ll never forget, make sure to shop at the Darien Butcher Shop. They are always dedicated to providing nothing but the best and they look forward to proving that to you. Visit darienbutchershop.com for more information. 

Tis’ the season! Darien Butcher Shop is now accepting holiday orders to help make your Christmas catering in Darien one to remember. The Darien Butcher Shop serves Lower Fairfield County as a premiere neighborhood-style destination for the highest quality meat. Recognizing that the perfect meal doesn’t begin and end with only the meat itself, Darien Butcher Shop also offers house-made, crowd-pleasing side dishes as well as a thoughtfully curated selection of gourmet specialty products, sandwiches and pantry items.

Planning a Christmas dinner can be tedious and stressful. Planning the menu, making the shopping list, prepping anything you can ahead of time to make quick work for your holiday meal. If just the thought of all that leaves you feeling exhausted, you may benefit from choosing a Darien Butcher Shop’s Christmas catering. Let them do half the work for you, by bringing Darien Butcher Shop to your dining room table this Christmas Season! With unforgettable specialty products and side dishes, you can treat your guests to an incredible array of delicious food without having to lift a single finger. Explore all the benefits of choosing Darien Butcher Shop for your Christmas get-together.

Amaze Your Guests with Delicious Food

You can trust the team at Darien Butcher Shop will wow your guests with delicious main dishes, sides and pantry items. Their team will ensure that your meals will be cooked and prepared to excellence, as their catering team has made the dishes to perfection so many times before. All that will be left for you to do is to sit back, relax and enjoy your time with guests at your Christmas party.

Have More Time for Socializing

With the meal planning, prep and setup handled for you, it is possible to enjoy your Christmas party without having to worry about the hassle and preparation. You can sit back and talk the evening away with your guests as our Christmas catering in Darien brings the meal to your dining room table. You do not need to spend the evening running back and forth from the kitchen, ensuring that all your guests are having a great time, and are enjoying their meals. Darien Butcher Shop will have all that handled, so you can socialize and make the most of your time together this Christmas.

Creating a Warm, Welcoming Atmosphere

Nothing sets a warm, welcoming atmosphere better than a table full of delicious and incredible food to share with all your friends and family. Thanks to Darien Butcher Shop, their catering team will ensure that your Christmas dinner has that warm atmosphere for your guests. The house-made, crowd-pleasing side dishes as well as a thoughtfully curated selection of gourmet specialty products, and tables full of delicious items will help make your guests feel right at home.

If you’re ready to overtake your Christmas get-together and amplify your enjoyment of the Holidays this season, choose Christmas catering in Darien. Our team at Darien Butcher Shop can help make the most of your Christmas dinner this season. Email their team at [email protected], and provide your name, quantity, pickup location, and phone number. It’s that simple! Make this season feel weightless and hassle-free, by bringing home Darien Butcher Shop for the Holidays!

At Darien Butcher Shop, their ultimate goal is to make delicious, fresh meals for your greatest enjoyment. With a fresh selection of sandwiches and prepared dishes, I guarantee that you’ll find something that satisfies your palate! Looking for a more intimate dining experience? Visit their underground restaurant, The Charles, for the best gourmet food in Darien! Our meals are made with top-quality ingredients by the most talented chefs in the area. With a grand variety of food options and experiences, be sure to choose Darien Butcher Shop for your next meal!

Their mouthwatering sandwiches are made with cuts of first-class meat for your satisfaction. Their talented sandwich chef, Chef Carmelo, formulates these gourmet sandwiches with the best products for the greatest flavors. One of my favorites, The French Beef, is served on tasty ciabatta bread with house-made roast beef, shaved iceberg lettuce, tomato, and Tarragon mayo. This juicy, traditional sandwich is the perfect meal for a driven flavor-seeker. The Italian sandwich is another of their best meals, layering pieces of fresh salami, ham, and prosciutto with aged provolone, shaved iceberg lettuce, tomato, and a tasty signature Italian dressing. For heartier dishes, they also offer hot sandwiches, such as the American cheesesteak with thin-sliced steak, caramelized onions, American cheese, and Worcestershire, as well as their parmesan chicken cutlet melt with salami, provolone, and tomato sauce. No matter your taste preferences, they’ve got something that’ll suit your fancy! 

Looking to elevate your dining experience? Darien Butcher Shop is happy to offer a refined dining opportunity for their lovely customers! The Charles is an underground restaurant experience by Darien Butcher Shop, offering a multi-course menu with fresh meat and fish, as well as seasonal vegetables and sides! Their high-class restaurant is sure to please, with their elegant decor and top-quality meals from their very own butcher shop. For the finest gourmet food in Darien, look no further than The Charles by Darien Butcher Shop!

At this butcher shop, they ensure that they are providing quality gourmet food in Darien for the most reasonable prices. They’re honored to supply the residents of Connecticut with the best meat in the area, and are lucky to have such wonderful customers as well! 

Come visit Darien Butcher Shop today on 13 Grove Street in Darien, CT! The eager staff will find exactly what you need to elevate your next meal. With any questions or event booking, please call them at (203) 202-9664

Gourmet Foods in Darien CT

When it comes to finding gourmet food in Darien, it can be difficult to find reliable and affordable food establishments. At Darien Butcher Shop, we are able to effectively deliver quality meat and other grocery items to every customer entering our store. We offer many types of delicious foods at our storefront but most importantly, our gourmet sandwiches are always a top hit. Now, before you come in, you should know what we have and if we offer something that you like. 

Gourmet Foods in Darien CT

Firstly, we offer a delicious American steak sandwich that will have your taste buds thanking you for getting it. It features thinly sliced steak with caramelized onions, American cheese and Worcestershire on Ciabatta bread. This sandwich is so delicious that even our butcher comes back for seconds. Another sandwich that we offer at the butcher shop is the Parmesan Chicken Cutlet Sandwich. This sandwich features our hand breaded chicken cutlet with Salami, Provolone, and a Tomato Sauce on our Ciabatta bread as well. This sandwich is simple but delicious with plenty of rich ingredients included between the bread. 

Yet another sandwich that we offer is the rather simplistic but delicious Grilled Chicken Sandwich. This sandwich is served on our Ciabatta roll as well and includes Grilled Chicken, Roasted Red Peppers, Provolone, Parmesan and Pesto. This sandwich has consistently been a favorite at our shop. 

With a traditional sandwich such as our grilled chicken, we are able to offer alternatives such as the Ukrainian Resistance Sandwich as well. It is our hope that through offering a wide variety of gourmet food in Darien, the community will try different sandwiches such as some of our specialties on the menu. 

With a local butcher owning our shop, we continue to work on making a mark on the community one sandwich at a time. Although we listed just a few sandwiches in this blog, we have numerous other ones that can be seen through our menu online. Producing the highest quality meats and sandwiches has always been a top priority of ours. We will continue to work together to produce the best quality sandwiches in Darien.

 If you find yourself still unsure of what you want, our expert butchers will be able to walk you through everything you need to know before making a decision. At the Darien Butcher Shop, we offer prime meats and other grocery items that are fresher than they can ever be in a grocery store. 

Interested in visiting our store but still want to learn more about what we have to offer? Visit our website here or come in and let our butchers help you find what you’re looking for. At Darien Butcher Shop, our main focus is to provide gourmet foods in Darien. With this goal, we are always looking to improve our sandwiches so we always welcome recommendations on how we can make our products better. Located right on Grove Street in downtown Darien, we are the perfect spot to grab your fresh meats and a sandwich the next time you are out shopping. We look forward to seeing you soon at Darien Butcher Shop!

Darien Butch Shop – The Best Prepared Food in Darien

With mandates slowly being lifted, adjusting back into a normal routine can be tricky sometimes. As our time slots fill up, it can be difficult to find a good time to cook or meal prep. That’s why Darien Butcher Shop has the best prepared food in Darien.

Darien Butch Shop - The Best Prepared Food in Darien

From lunchtime rushes to frantic dinner pickups, there’s no need to worry when we deliver the highest quality meat. But we know that’s not where the meal ends, which is why we also offer sides like creamed spinach and mashed potatoes to complete your meal for you, your friends, or your family.

Since opening, our chef and owner, Pete Crawford, has made long standing relationships with the best meat suppliers out there, ensuring quality meats and cuts for the community. And since he’s a local, he’s all about delivering the best service to Darien.

Darien Butcher Shop has an unparalleled selection, quality, and customer service. Buying meat from us ensures you always get the highest quality prime meat. Your local butchers are meat experts behind the counter and masters in the kitchen, so you don’t need to be afraid to ask for advice on what to make, or how to make it. Our butchers know what cuts work best with your dish and can help you with your meal choices.

Our prepared food in Darien comes with the best selection of classic sandwiches like American cheesesteak and chicken salad made with our house meats. We even offer fresh salads like arugula and the chef’s which we highly encourage you to try.

With an array of services and classes, there’s no reason for you to deny yourself the mouthwatering morsels of the best prepared food in Darien. From catering to charity events and your corporate parties, to hosting Hors D’oeuvre nights and sampling parties, we’ve got you covered. We even offer butcher classes so you can learn from and eat with the best! We’re more than just a meatery, we’re your local butcher shop dedicated to delivering you the best quality and service.

So if you’re looking for the best prepared food in Darien, look no further than Darien Butcher Shop. Order online or check out our website for more information on the best selection of meats.

Darien Butch Shop – The Best Prepared Food in Darien

Go-to Catering in Darien

Are you looking for catering in Darien? From corporate catering to off-site events, Darien Butcher Shop is ready and equipped with the best selection of meats to cater your event. Whether you need a gourmet lunch for three for a meeting with clients or 25 Italian combos for an office party, we can customize our menu to meet your exact needs.

Go-to Catering in Darien

At Darien Butcher Shop, you can either get a quick fix during your lunch break by ordering one of our gourmet sandwiches, or you can customize a catering menu to bring in for a business or friends & family event! When it comes to birthdays, backyard parties, and office celebrations, you can be sure that your guests will get to enjoy a delectable selection of high-quality food by choosing The Darien Butcher Shop as your catering service.

 We’re Darien’s premier butcher shop, specializing in the best quality prime meats, poultry, and gourmet food products with individual, large, and special orders available. For your convenience, everything is hand-trimmed, cut, and ground to your specifications.

 If you’re planning a special dinner at home, why not make it a steak dinner? Order our prime cut Tomahawk Steak, rib eye, NY strip, with or without bone, skirt steak, brisket, veal chop, or pork loin. At The Darien Butcher Shop you’ll find quality and variety that is unmatched by the standard grocery store stock.

 Looking locally to grab a sandwich during lunch? Our gourmet sandwiches are made using top-quality products by our skilled sandwich chef, wielding over two decades of experience in the industry. You can trust our team to exceed your expectations and raise your sandwich standards!

 We serve our customers extraordinary cuts of meat and a delectable selection of gourmet sandwiches and salads. Whether you’re preparing for tonight’s dinner or your next big catering event, our menu and services make it easy for you to serve a culinary feast.

 We maintain an unequaled selection with uncompromising quality and want to make sure when you’re in need of catering in Darien, you have a local shop you can turn to. Our team of gourmet sandwich chefs and experienced butchers make catering in Darien easy, just give us a call at (203)202-9664 and we can discuss your customizable catering options.

Go-to Catering in Darien