At Darien Butcher Shop, their ultimate goal is to make delicious, fresh meals for your greatest enjoyment. With a fresh selection of sandwiches and prepared dishes, I guarantee that you’ll find something that satisfies your palate! Looking for a more intimate dining experience? Visit their underground restaurant, The Charles, for the best gourmet food in Darien! Our meals are made with top-quality ingredients by the most talented chefs in the area. With a grand variety of food options and experiences, be sure to choose Darien Butcher Shop for your next meal!

Their mouthwatering sandwiches are made with cuts of first-class meat for your satisfaction. Their talented sandwich chef, Chef Carmelo, formulates these gourmet sandwiches with the best products for the greatest flavors. One of my favorites, The French Beef, is served on tasty ciabatta bread with house-made roast beef, shaved iceberg lettuce, tomato, and Tarragon mayo. This juicy, traditional sandwich is the perfect meal for a driven flavor-seeker. The Italian sandwich is another of their best meals, layering pieces of fresh salami, ham, and prosciutto with aged provolone, shaved iceberg lettuce, tomato, and a tasty signature Italian dressing. For heartier dishes, they also offer hot sandwiches, such as the American cheesesteak with thin-sliced steak, caramelized onions, American cheese, and Worcestershire, as well as their parmesan chicken cutlet melt with salami, provolone, and tomato sauce. No matter your taste preferences, they’ve got something that’ll suit your fancy! 

Looking to elevate your dining experience? Darien Butcher Shop is happy to offer a refined dining opportunity for their lovely customers! The Charles is an underground restaurant experience by Darien Butcher Shop, offering a multi-course menu with fresh meat and fish, as well as seasonal vegetables and sides! Their high-class restaurant is sure to please, with their elegant decor and top-quality meals from their very own butcher shop. For the finest gourmet food in Darien, look no further than The Charles by Darien Butcher Shop!

At this butcher shop, they ensure that they are providing quality gourmet food in Darien for the most reasonable prices. They’re honored to supply the residents of Connecticut with the best meat in the area, and are lucky to have such wonderful customers as well! 

Come visit Darien Butcher Shop today on 13 Grove Street in Darien, CT! The eager staff will find exactly what you need to elevate your next meal. With any questions or event booking, please call them at (203) 202-9664